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Lisa Goh

Closing Your Youngest Credit Card? (2023)

Closing Youngest Credit Card

Closing your youngest credit card does not have any bearing on the most important credit score calculations, nor does it have an immediate impact on the average age of accounts. Canceling any credit card typically has more potential to cause…

What Is Early Exclusion? (2023)

What is Early Exclusion?

Early exclusion is an unofficial technique which involves requesting to have negative items removed from one’s credit report up to six months before the scheduled fall-off date. Requests are made by contacting the credit bureaus directly. Consumers have reported varying…

What Do Car Dealers Look For In Credit? (2023)

What Do Car Dealers Look For In Credit?

When determining your credit worthiness in purchasing a new car, dealers usually look at the following: If these red flags are found on your credit report, the dealer may raise their interest rates to cover the added risk. A top-notch…

What Is The AZEO Method? (2023)

What Is The AZEO Method?

The all zero except one (AZEO) method is an advanced credit utilization technique that focuses on having all revolving credit accounts report a zero balance, except for one account that reports a small balance. Since creditors like to see responsible…

Too Many Accounts With Balances (2023)

Too Many Accounts With Balances

If you see the phrase “too many accounts with balances” as a derogatory mark on your credit, this means that you have outstanding debt from an excessive amount of creditors. This often manifests in the form of credit cards on…