1. I have applied for a loan on line well consumer finance calls me and said I’m approved up to 5,000 dollars well I said I didn’t need that much and I said 3,000 would help me alot well it’s been over a month and still haven’t got the money in my account. Its supposed to be in my account this morning and still haven’t got anything from them. I work 7 day’s a week and I don’t have time wondering if you going to put it in my account. But I’m starting to think it’s going to happen. So if you are serious about it. Then put the money in my account and I’ll make payments when supposed to. On the other hand if it doesn’t go in my account by today or tomorrow I’m going to give up and try someone else thank you Nicholas Akers

  2. I don’t even know what this is about Please Tell me about it! I didn’t have a Loan that I know Of? I’m Semi Retired on disability and do not Work that Much! Thank you for your time! Gary Rausa!

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